Find your accommodation on favorable terms exactly at the place that meets your expectations. Each advertisement offers a detailed description of the circumstances.


Numerous accommodations for vacation and professional travelers are available in different price and performance categories. Find your apartment with the desired amenities.


Enjoy your time at your desired location to the fullest and allow us to participate in your evaluation.

Holiday is the precious time that we can fully take for ourselves - with all our wishes and ideas as we want to spend this time.

Everyone has their own ideas, what is most important to him or what activities his holiday should involve or whether he just wants to enjoy intense relaxation. Depending on the personal perception, the experience can be realized differently. If you do not want to fit into a given day schedule, rent a vacation apartment and can plan the day without having to stick to any meal times. If you want more space to unfold or even need, rent a holiday house according to the number of people or his / her well-being needs. In the furnishing of the living rooms all kinds of wishes can be realized, which make their stay as pleasant as possible. 

Not only holidaymakers are looking for suitable accommodation, but also companies need suitable accommodation for their employees to accompany meetings and trainings. Projects for the initiation of new company contacts in the form of suppliers or even outsourcing plans want to be designed. For the time of the personal approach the employees want to be accommodated within the reach of the new business contact.
Craft companies send their specialists and skilled craftsmen for assembly on a pre-set time and place them separately in single or multiple rooms in fitter's apartments. A good and short transport connection to the assembly site, which is often in the catchment area or even directly in a big city like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin or Munich, is very important.

Many visitors will come to the Hessentag in Korbach on 2018 on several days and book in the surrounding a cozy apartment for overnight.


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